Friday, September 2, 2016


 I Love Advent Calendars !!!!
I did this one today...using a canvas paint board whaich I sprayed with ink & a star stencil
The tags are all natural with a dry bit of off white paint & written stamping & number stamps also..
Gold bows for each this time.....

I will do up a pack in a day or so that will give you 24 buttons at exceptional price to enable you to make one yourself.....  

This was an Advent Calendar I did a few years ago & all the buttons are painted off white & written stamp overlay.....tied with red & white bordeau baker's twine
 Using  small mache boxes with lids roughly dry painted in off white & written stamped overlay ...
add bows or twine or leave with just a button double sided taped onto the lid..
Make these also into an Advent Calendar