Monday, August 15, 2016

SNOWMAN BUTTON STORY with a Difference

Finally made myself finish the notes for this button story.
I have had the samples done for some weeks...months.... mon dieu ???
Anyway here he is beaming with anticipation for Christmas decorating.
In this style of story comes the snowman template & notes on some technique ideas for making your story...with the snowman & 4 buttons. 
The Buttons I have chosen fit but a number of my other buttons will fit also....
It is a really great way to use up some of those buttons you look at in some box every so often..
So once you have the story it can have the other deer, different trees etc....I won't go on LOL
As you see here in the coloured postcard that comes with this story.
The snowman can be a stuffed decoration to hang on the tree....
appliqued in felt / fabric ... wow that is so many things to do like stockings & bags & table runners & of course framed etc etc.
I used a misting ink spray onto light fabric & then stitched around outline ..( that is the centre one )
or of course stitched
I have included it onto my website today & it sells for $15.00 plus postage ...

Now sun is up & I need to go for a nice walk in it !!