Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lavendula this morning

I took the camera & set off for a stroll around Lavendula this is one place that never disappoints.
Too early for lavender but jonquils are other bulbs were in full flower...the vege beds were  beginning to grow after winter....geese preening themselves standing on one leg & other antics...brilliant red rooster & hens shining in the sunlight.....couple of emu & a horse !
I just enjoywalking about the grounds & letting it seep into my soul.

Coming to drive out across the ford which was a little deeper than usual & running faster & the noise of a lovely babbling brook &  the bubbles to car is small & light ...& I was hoping to get out as I had come in....I did because here I am.

The white rabbit was out playing in my field yesterday with the 2 siblings in brown with white fluffy tales !!!
They were leaping about chasing each other.
A delight to watch