Monday, August 22, 2016

I promise I will do some gardening soon !

I do promise to play with some flowers & stuff other than Christmas for a day or so LOL
After the tree decorate & change etc etc yesterday & I had quite a mess about me...
Tidy up I no one except me !
Began with this frame & that is where it all ended
As this all worked a treat....& before long I was making stories ...
Love this idea.... and there possibly could have been more ... but it was tea time !
This morning I went to meet up with a very special friend ....
She was at her Grand Mother's doing craft
She is not quite 2...
Sitting at her small table stamping !
Later she "painted" with brush & plain water, but she was looking up at the doll to see what was to be painted next...
I drew with crayons & we traced around each other's hands....
Then she had a little go at gluing some red hearts
In between she did some sticker art.
Absolutely gorgeous.