Thursday, July 21, 2016

Riding the Night Sky

I think the santa & deer buttons look absolutely gorgeous in Marg's stitchery....flying through the night sky...

These buttons retail for $12.00
Santa sits back in the sleigh.....just waiting for the deers to take him riding  

Marg Is running a Christmas Day on the outskirts of Wodonga at the JOY BUS
Wow you will just love what is on offer for the day.... book with Marg soon as it is on
Saturday AUGUST 13th 2016 


Christine M said...

I love the Santa hoop. It is gorgeous.

theodora said...

yes Christine I love it fun to make ..Barb xxx

kiwikid said...

Great buttons Barb. Looks fantastic in the hoop.

theodora said...

Thanks Sue, takes sometimes 2 designers to work the best this scene Barb xxx