Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Baby Albino Bunny

These photos are taken from a distance with a camera that the lens is not as powerful
On the weekend I discovered the white little blob in the paddock across the road
was a white rabbit
I thought maybe a ring in but highly unlikely...
It has 2 siblings & parents that are brown

So stark white & it seems to be out from the blackberries more than the others..

Now I worry it will be rejected by the other siblings & parents
It certainly seems to enjoy itself out there whizzing about 
Makes my kitchen duties much more fun... as I spent time looking out for it or watching it 


Nicole said...

Do adopt the little white blob, Barbara........

theodora said...

Oh no his siblings & his parents were out with it today. It is standing on hind legs now ...
Barb xxx

Melody said...

Do hope it keeps safe

theodora said...

Yes Melody, I hope he does too. Such a stark little thing that is now leaping along beside the blackberries & standing on hind legs ..ears up. Today the siblings were all playing & the parents watched on a little further out.
Barb xxx