Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A little Red colour today

I have made more adjustments in decoration...
Keeping the popular Everyday Angel ...& Take me Santa with the deer pleading to go flying in the night sky with the rest of the reindeers
The Seasonal Santa with holly on both sides of a sash I really do like in the scalloped frame &
The December Santa also adds to the Santa  selections 
I am eager to try some in blue now.....or scalloped edges in white or the sepia...
Today there is talk of snow falling way down ..will it snow here in Bendigo... ??? maybe.
I must go to the post office now before snow sets in then...as
Anni of Hatched & Patched is waiting for lots of the little deer story to go with her delightful bag ..


Leanne said...

These are so beautiful.

theodora said...

Thanks Leanne, I am so pleased you like the Christmas decorations Barb xxx