Saturday, June 11, 2016

harmony ..the Kissing Birds

The Kissing birds have got a lovely new scalloped frame & I am really happy with this look. 
The old border was a bit ???? 
Painted the scallop & the birds in off white
the legs & inner border are sepia ....

It works & I am eager to post one to Marg Low designs to see how it looks on her heart design she used the kissing birds in & the other heart was embroidery.
I thought I had a picture on file but I didn't  ( funny that )
No, I know there is a picture on the pinterest site ..on the Marg Low designs page & I reckon Marg will have it on her web or typepad 

It is up on the website with some other Christmas Decorations...and in the specials are a few other things.

Thanks for the comments .....I am so pleased you are Christmas people too !!!! & loved the kangaroo show....
Barb xx