Monday, June 20, 2016

Bonnie Sullivan of All Through The Night Workshop

Here is the smiling face that greeted me when I arrived to do the Workshop
Meet Bonnie Sullivan
Delightful, welcoming, generous & such a relaxed tutor
I along with the other participants were feeling very very fortunate to have this experience with a well known & talent designer.
Some of you may also have worked with her sister's stitcheries...Kathy Schmitz.
We were well entertained as we traced, Bonnie spoilt us with ironing on the wool pieces to the beautiful black wool felt.
We stitched & so the day went.
Thank you Bonnie for such an amazing day !!!

Alice was working hard after travelling in from Melbourne ...
Strolling the aisle is Angelos from Homespun 
who I have known since before Homespun began as he & Rick Rutherford worked together in Country Collections days...

My work !!!
This was the beautiful cushion we were creating from Bonnie's pattern designs
My camera is flicking the light back so the black background is not as good as it should be..
How cool is this ?
 Gifts with my project here...woolen flannels from Bonnies new range to look like wool & a wonderful variety of colours & motifs
Cards from Bonnie's collection of works ....
How lucky were we.... 
and Alice won a book  that was from both Bonnie's & her sister Kathy's  trip to France.

Thanks again Bonnie & best wishes for your wedding in Aus next week !!!!


Meredith said...

I had the pleasure of enjoying one of Bonnie's workshops in Nundle a few years back, her gorgeous man Jerry played Santa as it was a Christmas in July event, and I am so so happy for her wedding...she is just the most beautiful person. I am steadily working away on Bertie's year..I showed it to Bonnie in Nundle and she admired my blanket stitching..was a thrill to have her compliment my stitching!

theodora said...

Hi Meredith,
Jerry had ditched the santa suit this time....she did mentioned Numdle....
Your stitching is always so superb ....!
Barb xxx

shez said...

Hi Barb. Wow what a wonderful workshop and I see you have met Alison she is so lovely so glad you had a great time my friend xx

theodora said...

Hi Shez, Alison mentioned to me she came to a Gathering Wendy Brigg from Country Friends & I did when I first moved back to Cohuna about 17 years ago ! I come across her every so often at craft things which is always lovely.
Barb xx