Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Yesterday I took the camera on my walk

I had parked where Oliver Birch is & the way I looked at the store front as I walked 
I thought it looks enchanting 

 Into Bath Lane & I had noticed these trees doing their autumn colours & undress the day before..
So I often look up
to snap what I really see not what is in the rest of the scenery
Guess that means I select what i see !!

This one is strong colours & love this sort of thing

As I walked along looking into the distance at tops of buildings I spotted Marilyn Monroe  statue through a vista of the interesting City Family Hotel  & Bendigo Bank Building & the tiny little Bendigo Creek runs in the centre 

How amazing I thought usually one doesn't see this sort of thing...


leratdesfils said...

L'automne chez vous, le printemps chez nous, dans les deux cas de jolies couleurs.
Jolies photos !

theodora said...

Merci, great seasons Spring & Autumn..... we are close now to winter Barb xx

Radka said...

I like your walk :-)

theodora said...

Yes it is nice... not always looking as picturesque as in UK though ..Barb xxx