Sunday, May 29, 2016

Was she always a Christmas Junkie ????

In the days this was seen in my home in Canberra,
It was the height of Country Decorating 
a large group were often about & some of the market collecting was full on 
This display was done for Country Collections magazine....small pieces of it would have been taken to photograph.
I see things from various friends at the time 
Santa with goose was from Country Friends ...Sue Mc owned the long santa heads, cinnamon buttons my brother was making for me....I loved cinnamon buttons
The brown coated santa was my Bush Santa design
others I cannot recall

The where to sit LOL
This may have been another Christmas went on each year from Sept I began...
I see some cloth santas were mine...a few wood hanging santas from My Christmas Journey book..
Other painted wood pieces from other folk artists at the time 

It makes me shudder now at the clutter it was, but back when it was the seeds of Christmas sprouting everywhere & it was what was depicted in other magazines ..

Now .....
A bit more serenity !!!  

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Maria said...

LOL, love your serenity ... Gorgeous !