Thursday, May 19, 2016

Share this little bit from today

PS I found a research & lobby website
I also googled on the web building houses for Homeless People & in USA lots of building of tiny houses.....some amazing You Tubes & ideas .....what are we waiting for .....


Background... An old friend of mine (an architect ) is starting to build his eco small sweet house in Tassie on a slightly rural block of land that looks rather lovely.
As he prepares to begin the process, he has a shipping container for tool storage etc.....
He knew nothing of my chatter on the homeless in Aust on blogs...pretty safe as men friends rarely look at my work blog LOL......I am kept up to date of the comings & goings of his life & of course the build.....which I really enjoy as often I get pictures as well.

Anyway out of the blue on the topic of a sense of residency arrives & I asked if I could share it. & I am allowed so....

"This morning I experienced my first sense of 'residency' at the land.
It was when I was walking in and out of the container.
It is amazing how the mind works!
Previously I only sensed 'visiting' the land. 
Now that there is a built environment shelter, 
I perceive 'residency' while on the land.

A couple of decades ago when visiting San Francisco, I was investigating social housing and was given some leads by an expert at the S F City Council.
Also I had noticed an elevated plywood box in a pocket park near where I was staying [house sitting an apartment].

It turned out to be a homeless person's shelter built by a neighbouring architect. 
A lovely story to it."

I am yet to hear the story that follows this.....but I like what I have heard.