Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Just a Little spoilt !

The Postie arrived yesterday with a parcel from France....Nicole in France
I opened the lovely tissue paper to find all sorts of lovely surprises !
The shawl is so beautifully  hand knitted by Nicole & it is soft & warm and from some sheep's back.
The bracelet has Paris charms on it & I wore it yesterday & loved the feel of some sort of Paris around my wrist...

Finally the vegetable keeper bags with instructions in French which Nicole has told me to test my French translation out on it !!!

Later in the day I had more gifts 
when my neighbour rang the bell she was carrying a large pumpkin & some bananas for me ...
Nice day really ! 


Gudrun said...

What a day,lovely gifts!!!

theodora said...

Yes Gudrun, so lovely..Barb xx