Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cat & Quilts

 How different these 2 buttons can look by painting if different colours
Who has a cat that loves to sit on the quilts...?  Most I bet.!
 I used to watch Millie be drawn to the colours of a quilt.....
strong colours & there she'd be taking a really intense interest in what was happening..

I was scanning both these in yesterday ... as I thought the santa looks more interesting in a plain red jacket...
Maybe as I do a lot of striped santas I wanted a change ????
I'll need to see how the santa looks on a stocking


kiwikid said...

Love the strong quilt and cat colours..Santa looks great both ways to me!!

theodora said...

Thanks Sue, I am drawn to the strong colours too, but I need some soft stuff too...depends where it goes..I guess ...Barb xxx