Monday, April 18, 2016

Royal Exhibition Centre in Carlton Melb

Ask I walked from the carpark towards the building...
This beauty came into focussed 

The flower beds so beautifully tended 
Inspiration every where I looked

Then the fountain 
I wondered if my little camera would capture the water ..
Perfectly..well even better than I  imagined 

Taking in all the work in this fountain

How soft the water falls

Then I turned to face the building
The doors are so vast
It was such a fortunate journey


Maria said...

My DD and I have flown over from the West for the show this year... Must say I was blown away more by the building both inside and out than the show...loved all the previous posts..beautiful photos Barbara ...

theodora said...

The buildings of our past are so divine & that one is amazing....It was like once I taught in what is now a private residence in Bendigo under gorgeous chandaliers....Barb xx