Sunday, April 17, 2016

Only today left for AQC

The quilt display ..I only took a few pictures as I was leaving
 Some very sweet cats
Things I purchased
 Marg Low has these wonderful wool felt rolls... 
& some tiny fat 1/8th just for my sample work I thought*
 From Anni's stall was the wonderful fabric panel & some dark cotton /linen & some happily coloured tape
Maze & Vale have so many things I want & I stand there for ages.
Decided on a sample pack to see how my buttons work on these colours
 and they do....nice effect !

Now today ,,I must paint...
Yesterday I wandered off to meet up with a couple of the Cohuna quilters at their retreat not far from here......
Friday was lunching with an old friend ....
Lazy autumn days..
so today ..
I have boxes of buttons waiting for paint !