Friday, April 15, 2016

More Booths at AQC from yesterday

Helen of Hugs & Kisses
in front of her beautiful designs 
demonstrating the hexies 

Marg Low's stand from the side view
Marg & Jan working 

Gail Pan's booth was of many lovely quilts...
Gail was busy tinkering with the display when I came across her.. 

Maze  & Vale I love this work....
Screen printed fabric that are done by the creator of this booth 
 she has amazingly gorgeous quilts made with her screen printed fabrics

A delightfully different stall but it has so many pieces of screen printed linen/ cotton mix fabric
I'll show you later ...what i could not leave at the booths


shez said...

wow Barb you are getting me very excited i cant wait till Saturday now,lol xx

theodora said...

Hi Shez, Only one more sleep now LOL Barb xxx

kiwikid said...

Lots of loveliness there Barb.

theodora said...

Yes Sue, lovely lovely things.... great way to shop !! barb xx