Monday, April 18, 2016

I am out on a limb here

I am going out on a limb...not sure of how to approach this social issue 
Homelessness in Australia
It bothers me ...deeply...
it is such a hidden problem....
I cannot watch an animal on TV that has been rendered homeless... 
Humans, people....we so rarely see much written or had articles done on this massive problem that somehow has slipped off our collective radar.

I was reading the magazine Collective at lunch & reading of 
THE  Young Australian's of the year.
which I had seen at their award ceremony
I quote from this article
Australians are HOMELESS
These are people who have faced a myriad of complex issues and hardships, such as 
sudden job loss
domestic violence
family conflicts
mental health issues
the high cost of living."

These guys are doing one heck of an amazing job....
but we need so much more.
What can we do ???
It needs a positive solution, not small helps but HUGE HELPS

I have begun some small journey to start to raise this awareness...
I really, in all good consciousness cannot passively sit any longer
Have no idea on what I can do next 
so any ideas ....tell me ....
is a lot of human sadness  


Radka said...

And not just in Australia.....How did we arrive to this?

theodora said...

I do not know Radka. I grew up & was inprimary school at the edge of the depression after WW2 & we'd see the men tramping into the country side looking for any work for a meal & sleeping has never left me those images of human suffering Barb xxx