Friday, April 22, 2016

Axedale last Saturday

Last Saturday I popped out to the Cohuna Quilting groups retreat at Axedale.
I found many busy sewing pieces of fabric together , made purses & cushions & just such a hum of activity.
I was chatting to Ann & she was telling me more about the Cubby House quilting retreat held in Cohuna each year, about June I think she said....
This year a couple of the tutors I recall coming are Gloria Loughman & Gail Pan
but there are at least 6 classes available with different tutors.
It has been a successful retreat for many many years now
this Aust Day they were locally awarded for their contributions...
These events bring in around 100    to 150 people into small communities 
where accommodation is sought, business of all sorts increase their day's takings, it gives a focus for many...
people learn skills, communicate & meet new friends....& have fun.
These things are such a broad brush stroke where ever they are held. 
This quilt is one my 3rd cousin Norma is working on with fabric & felt.
She is so skilled in quilting & embroidery....
Norma & I have had a couple of chit chats recently where I have found her working on a quilt....
about our past & who & where we are related ..
We always knew we were vaguely related ..... but now with history at our fingertips we are joining so many dots...
I researched some more of her Grandparents side ( my great grandparents's side  )
& found 
Another ? of their sisters who married a Robins from Echuca & was widowed 4 years later, her husband never came home from France....
Bit by bit little pieces start to fit into gaps....
Just like the way we piece fabric & stitch a story   
 Both Lorraine & Norma were embarking on the sets of stitcheries that are for free on my blog for personal use... 
Lorraine has the books & had traced it all ready to stitch at the retreat...& sew into a quilt.
Norma was pondering what to make her stitcheries into... a book ..

How amazing the designs are comfortable in so so many ways

Pat tells me her quilt from these designs was given to a very ill woman who loves the quilt & she, on her bad days wraps herself in the quilt.

It reminded me many years ago at Attic Crafts a customer told me that the Bless Them Stitchers was made into a quilt for an ill friend & she also loved the quilt that each of her friends & Dr had stitched a panel each & she would pat it.

These are rewards we get from our design work 
& by chance we hear the wonderful part we play in the comfort ...drives me forward really .
 Just before I left the Axedale retreat ..Pat had been sewing this design as a cushion & I could only see the inside ..finally it was turned to right side & pressed just as I was about to walk quickly took a picture.