Monday, March 21, 2016

Today I visited Cohuna Patchwork Group

Lorraine's quilt which is super detailed with many stitches, colouring in & none of the photos I did have done it justice.
This quilt won several prizes at the local show on the weekend.
It is a BOM from Faeries in My Garden 

 Lorraine & her finished work !

Norma's quilt is gorgeous in felt, stitching on each piece of felt & fabric.
Norma is a cousin of mine... so we had some snippets of conversation on relatives.... some she knew well & I had only read about...

 Norma also had found this brooch of one of my earlier designs

One of the ladies was stitching a design from Bless Them Stitchers
I love the flowers stitching...

Many of the ladies were stitching ....I love to see what people are working is always interesting to see the diversity.

I was able to buy some glass jugs, bowls from the Historical Society Trash & Treasure   which is a great place to find interesting & very reasonable pieces...
I use these for storage & styling of my work.

Then I met another friend in the park by the creek across from the shops for an outdoor lunch...

I also ran into Lee who used to have a quilt shop in town & began the successful quilting retreat weekends in Cohuna.....some of you may recall those early days ...& that basis continues today with a shire Aust Day award this year with the group who now carry Cubby House Quilter's forward.