Monday, March 21, 2016

Today I visited Cohuna Patchwork Group

Lorraine's quilt which is super detailed with many stitches, colouring in & none of the photos I did have done it justice.
This quilt won several prizes at the local show on the weekend.
It is a BOM from Faeries in My Garden 

 Lorraine & her finished work !

Norma's quilt is gorgeous in felt, stitching on each piece of felt & fabric.
Norma is a cousin of mine... so we had some snippets of conversation on relatives.... some she knew well & I had only read about...

 Norma also had found this brooch of one of my earlier designs

One of the ladies was stitching a design from Bless Them Stitchers
I love the flowers stitching...

Many of the ladies were stitching ....I love to see what people are working is always interesting to see the diversity.

I was able to buy some glass jugs, bowls from the Historical Society Trash & Treasure   which is a great place to find interesting & very reasonable pieces...
I use these for storage & styling of my work.

Then I met another friend in the park by the creek across from the shops for an outdoor lunch...

I also ran into Lee who used to have a quilt shop in town & began the successful quilting retreat weekends in Cohuna.....some of you may recall those early days ...& that basis continues today with a shire Aust Day award this year with the group who now carry Cubby House Quilter's forward.


barb's creations said...

My home town, must try and get there when this quilt show happens next time I visit my parents...wish I had quilted/stitched while living there in my teens, early twenties would love to have seen the shop :) Barb.

theodora said...

Hi Barb, The quilt Cubby House retreat is may /June usually .... always has great tutors & classes are housed in many of the halls. Now interesting do they have a quilt display that time..I cannot recall. I think some...?
It was nice to sit near the creek & eat lunch & see friends ...& just stroll. The day is never quite enough time. Barb xx

Nicole said...

What a beautiful quilt! I wish I had more time to start such a wonder, but all my hours are spent in the garden now...spring is here !

theodora said...

It sure was a beautiful sight ..the quilt & the work involved....Enjoy the spring gardening !!!
Barb xxx