Friday, March 18, 2016

Somethings on the tray

At last a COOL & RAINY morning
I have  the dawdling mode set to slow & steady today.

Gudrun asked in a recent comment did I really paint all the buttons myself. I do
( Gudrun some buttons left on Monday to your post box as a thank you for sharing your quilt from Bless Them Stitchers & A year in The Country designs )

It is what I do after I design...LOL

This is last 2 days work on these trays...
wonderful mix
snowmen, cats in flowers, birds with twigs or pears, santas, French ladies, Everyday angels, fleur signs etc etc
I like to be authentic, it is part of my moral compass....
if I say I did it ..I did...if someone else does samples for me I will also say it was someone else....


Gudrun said...

I really admire you,painting all the buttons so wonderful.I am very,very thankful for your kindness,sending me buttons. I Am waiting so much!!
I have to show my daughter your work,she is also painting:-)),among other things.
Have a nice weekend.
Hugs Gudrun

theodora said...

Hi Gudrun,
Many thanks.... I love painting, so it is that passion that drives sometimes long sessions with the brush & a little button or 2...I looked at your blog yesterday, some divine work you are doing !!! Barb xxx

Gudrun said...

Thanks Barbara!