Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ohh Boring Old Buttons again !

Sometimes I swear I am in a time warp
Christmas !!
Not that I mind as it is a happy painting of santas, deers, angels & trees...

I had an interesting dream early this morning
I was in a Paris arcade full of quilt shops..
Bit like going to a large quilt show I think..
I saw 2 designs of mine 
Thought oh wow that is a great way to do the design....
Then the phone woke me was a local number which I didn't recognise...but thought best check it wasn't one of my elderly neighbours or my friend in the back blocks...
It was the emergency section of the hospital ..I was a bit stunned & then she checked with the Dr who had rung they were looking for some poor soul's next of kin.

ohhh I thought as I breathed it wasn't mine to deal with...but then felt sad for the people the call was intended for..
I went back to bed after walking about in circles for a while...
I so wanted to slip back to my quilt shops dream...
The doorbell woke me next time LOL