Tuesday, March 15, 2016

nearing the end of the Day in Paris

I should have looked at yesterday's blog to see what I was up to in these postings of the designs..
The centre one is not with these & I am not going to find them for days ...longer even ohhh.
It is just I have 2 big batches of buttons to paint ....
But as a suggestion ...if you want a centre piece you could join 3 together....in "frames"
I am sure they will all get along !

I was posting up into Pinterest yesterday & got totally above myself..
My mother would  say this a lot when I was a teenager
"don't get above yourself young lady "
I'd be driven by this to think under my breath
"you just watch me" as I'd mutter "No Mum "
It has taken many journeys to rise above that mantra...LOL
I decided to do a new board on my pinterest page...
I use it for a different thing .......
I don't cruise the site unless it is for neat & tidy pantries & the likes...
I use my boards as a history of my work....
I am the full sum of it 
sometimes I am amazed at that stroll I have taken......

And yesterday I thought it was a wonderful place 
to display & describe easily the workshop I do 
with a strong self creativity slant, 
some paint, 
some stamps, 
some things to paint on, 
 a little collection of my painted buttons...
I am doing a WORKSHOP 
on 9th July & maybe also the 10th  July 2016
in Warracknabeal 

I have been there several years ago now for one of these weekends 
& if some of you recall 
we painted a santa face on calico on the side verandah of the venue...
it was a warm day as I recall.

This is a different spread as in we need a space each ...
we just play after I show you some little simple techniques & I observe mostly...
with guidance but not interference or strict structure 
because as I watch each person being creative in their own way 
& then I see there faces as they leave...
smiles & a pleasure I know well of having achieved something I never thought I could or would.
It is dealing with paint, 
so don't think my workshop will be a stitching fest....it is not... but we may manage a thread & needle occasionally....
In my workshops I wanted to bring back the Gatherings of Hearts & Hands that Country Friends & I first ran in Canberra over 16 years ago...
these were open, 
sharing ...
no pressure ..
& shy people became friends with who they sat beside ....
that everyone had the fun days or day ..
where they all painted for the first time... those brooches !  
My 2 friends Sue & Sue were absolutely flat out all day....gorgeous friends they are !!

So we will have time to lay back a bit, you can keep quite in our own world....stand up, stroll about..
well you need to to find the stamps ...

Have a look on my pinterest pages
a time to dream a little .....

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