Friday, March 11, 2016

Found These..going to do for free

I was sorting through some design originals in copious folders & once again came across these ladies which were designed in 2006 ( I was always going to do something again with these..but they'll keep & now I share them with you for your personal use only as the copyright with moi )

which was a quilt... full of beautiful soft fabric in florals & things that I had kept like glass beads, mother of pearl buttons, I think there is some ric rac... ( I'll look soon & take an updated photo )
I wanted the quilt to look as if it was a find in a tiny boutique that was old, but not exclusively vintage but kind of  well beautiful.
So the overall collection was called a Day in Paris....
each woman was in Paris for a different reason ....
So gather up your threads, look for "that" fabric...maybe go outside your comfort zone, stitch on some linen mix fabric ( of course)
There is one design missing but you will only know that now because I mentioned it LOL
Below this picture which is just to show you what is to come, is the first of the ladies.

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Gudrun said...

Love them and will stiych them all!!!