Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Friday in Bendigo

Yesterday was full of colour and Bendigo for the Easter festivities
(This is all going on all weekend with the Easter parade on Sunday with the big dragon weaving his way about the streets...
Today he is woken up at the Chinese Museum in the city's edge)

I went to look at the art exhibition in the Town Hall 
& as I drove by the plan was to walk to there & back via the exhibition.
 The Lion Dancers were in Hargreave's open space in the older shopping centre..

I love this display ....drum beat is very strong & the way the lions move and it tells a story...which I never remember ..the colour is amazing
so are many young children who are the lions.

 In Rosalind Park a very bust Easter egg hunt was going on..
as well as many activities for the children to engage in
painting..... woodworking, .... belly dancing.... ping pong.....animal farm
then back over the other bridge to the rides and street market

One young painter... it was hard to take pictures without children in it..I always take as much of this out of a picture.... this young kid got up to get something...& had walked away from his work..

 The animal enclosure was hectic with goats & sheep & children & parents

 The bridge to the rides

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