Friday, February 19, 2016

What a wonderful surprise

Last year I did stitchery designs for Edi- Sxe Quilt Country in France &  Marie-Claude Iperti Picon built the quilt designs around it

I have never ever seen the finished quilt or a picture of it...
So imagine when I saw this as I was scrolling on facebook

Now I also found a small picture of my stitchery designs in a quilt..who sent the picture ?????
If it is you please comment so I can give your credit as it is very beautiful & will I am sure inspire all who have those free designs  now  
It is GUDRUN's quilt From SWEDEN
Gudrun has emailed to offer to resend pics of this quilt & I am going to say YES PLEASE
It is so beautiful
Thanks Gudrun

I am going to ask when people make up these designs..can we see ???? a photo & then we'll share them...... perhaps a little competition & treat ????
Email me via the website  if you want to show & tell