Sunday, February 7, 2016

Taking a mini break from this weekend's work

I had a request to paint strawberries other than red....
I quite like them mixed or sitting in a clump of their colours...

In our Canberra house strawberries were planted everywhere there was a gap where the weeds would grow & as I pinched the runners off the first few years plants & I did plant in abundance..
My little neighbour Benjamin would pop in & say as I answered the door
"Barb do you think there are any ripe strawberries"
Often there were & we'd grab a bowl 
& head out into the big back garden 
& meander through the flowers & shrubs to find the ripe strawberries
all the while chattering as only young kids do ...
Then we'd head out the side garden gate & deliver him home with a bowl of strawberries.

Years before our father planted a boxed bordered in strawberry patch again in a big back garden built up rows. 
Next door to the same sized asparagus patch
My brother & I had the boring job of pinching the strawberry runners...but learning a valuable lesson along the way.
The strawberries certainly grew big & sweet & finally after waiting some years the asparagus were ready to pick ..

See what happens when I paint a big batch of something  !!!!

This is the painting that was started on Friday up until I took this break...last painted were the Fleurs Signs in pastels
Those neat little batches are to be packaged tonight ready for posting tomorrow...
I need good TV shows to package like picking the runners from the strawberries it needs to be done LOL


simplestitches said...

wow love the different coloured strawberries...and all the other buttons are delicious too!

theodora said...

Thanks ....the strawberries do look happy ... Barb xxx

Nicole said...

.... deers love strawberries, like the bunnies... I've seen them in the garden!
I do like the flower signs.....

theodora said...

Merci Nicole...bunnies in time for Easter.
Barb xx