Monday, February 15, 2016


I was looking for other instructions & designs that I have shoved somewhere when I unpacked from the move......but I did find these & have scanned them back in as the giveaway fro personal use as I own the copyright.
As one of these stitcheries says it si one of my gracious moments .
These all have meaning to me.... 
First one was my cat Mishka & i would do just that in our big garden
Time of one sort did begin in a quilt shop in Canberra ...I spent quite a bit of time in Kountry Keepsakes Quilt shop & then worked there & observed !
Peaceful days is what I had at the time I was drawing these depicts how I feel at tiems especially with a cat for company.
Gracious moments were those times one would collect things from the garden
Weeding & etc was what you need to do to keep a garden in reasonable this time I grew many cosmos..we had ornamental grapevines that in autumn dropped their gorgeous leaves 
Potting shed, mine was not as glamorous as the one I drew but i sure had a wish for one like that 
Just Waiting I have such vivid memories of as I drew in a little sheltered garden where the peridontist was that I had to have some gum treatment & it was also when I gave up smoking !!!
I drew a batch of santas at my times at this surgery spot took my mind elsewhere while I waited for that drama !
The book these originally come from was Called 
because I needed to find stitchers after a bout of very frozen shoulder...I was blessed with some gorgeous stitchers... as I have done recently with the French House & Along Garden Path stitcheries I have found wonderful stitchers who I have never met lucky, so blessed you see ?
This was printed & I self published this my second book in 2000.  

So the designs in singles will come next maybe one a day or when my time is available

You should be able to right click this & save it to your pictures & print for your stitching from there
Some of you have been  coming in daily from a pinterest site looking for start stitching 
Show me in a pic what you do with it..& the rest will follow.. 


Martina said...

So lovely, Barb! Thanks so much for sharing so personally! Be very much blessed!
Hugs Martina

WoolenSails said...

Thank you for reposting these, I have one more to do, then I can redo how I will arrange them.
I will post about this for those who saw mine and would like to do them, they have been so fun to make.


theodora said...

Thanks Martina....Barb x

Thanks Debbie, yes quite a lot came over looking for those designs. Barb x

Karen said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful designs.

theodora said...

Thanks Karen, that is very sweet of you to say so. Barb xxx