Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Buttons are here

Of course some Christmas....these double as buttons & decorations except for the tree & the snowman & santa
There is one santa with Merry Christmas etched on his coat & a star cut out on his coat also...
the other guy has a cap... & patchwork trim on his jacket with stars & tree & heart cut outs...
these are on the buttons also...dear little things they are
As is the deer with a star cut away & the star Christmas tree...they are perfect sizes for playing with
The Us which is the santa & snowman this would be lovely on the tag that Marg Low Designs does & the one that Designs by fee added the other Take me santa button 
so now you can play again ! with another button that should fit snuggly in it.

Flowers....I need garden with flowers & bees & birds to visit
Recently I have added pots of lavender & now the bees come & are quite possessive with who gets close to the lavender now..
geraniums that have huge flowers....petunia & daphne  ....some herbs & ????
But I have also made a garden here .... a bee that I once had in Woodcutter's Daughter times has arrived back ( rare species ) LOL
Bits sit in flowers ...
 Wheel barrows 
with huge flowers & another a little cat sits in the flowers..the wheels are spoked .which is a lovely look....
watering can  
fleur sign with fat little robin & some flowers 
heart poking out from flowers in a pot which might be great in red for Valentine's day ( if I hurry up )

Tiny cats & a dog...these are a magically small size for little stitchery embellishments ..they tuck beside the flowers .....just kind of cute...they give me a reason to smile when I see them
The lamb has a blackbird on it's back
History with lambs....
would you believe my great great Scottish grandmother maiden name was Mary Lamb
then one of my other Irish Great Great grandparents farmed sheep
took them from Mt Mercer to Pyramid Hill  

Another Great Great Grandparent brought some on the ship when he came out to Australia...

I love seeing baby lambs in paddocks ....& love to watch ( nothing else You can do ) when a mob of sheep are being moved along a road...
I like cows too...
Not up close but Clara cow button represents that as does another  cow with  Cohuna written across them....
Anyway I have wasted far too long this morning....well not wasted just done things upside down
All the new things except one flower stem with a bee on top ( being upsized now )
are on the website

I said on Facebook before I may just do a little small giveaway later.... so it will be on here too