Sunday, December 6, 2015

People wonder what I do for Christmas

Sometimes I look at the work & think....
It is a wonder I manage to catch up with some friends..
do a wander... which of course is feeding the soul...
the morning tea staring off into space style of activity...

I am so never organised for my own Christmas
Because I have immersed myself in Christmas since ...
well it is the entire year!!!!
So how would I know when to draw that line under it ...
But it is a pleasure

Just look at these happy folk...
Snow people professing their enduring love
Santa standing with his hands behind his back observing us all
Santa in the long coat has joined us again for a short while
as has the snowman with little hearts cutout
The red angel shows off the humbling as I have forgotten to paint one of the hearts she holds !!!

Each snowperson....has first been lovingly drawn by me..
prepared & cut by my machinist....
we are small businesses with great passion for our work...
The parcel post man arrives with boxes of plain wood pieces
the final stages begin...
How many snow people for that order ???? 

Then I begin the very slow detailed & controlled painting..
Listening to the ABC radio talk to me
yes I drift into that meditative mindstate..
the paints flow carefully between etchings
dots are finely spotted with a sharp fine stylus of black paint for the eyes & stuff
a very fine thin long brush draws some white to add stripes to one of the scarves
a pen tacks around the rim of each snowman
All is  sealed to give it some protection
Bagged in the evening with TV to keep me amused
as this is time consuming & hard on tired hands ..
Next day they are packed in their posting boxes
taken by the post people again
to the destinations ...
far & wide
These are going to New York state in America

The angels ...
one steadies the mind as well as the hand when paint is applied to these detailed drawings....
one can get far too clever in the draw stage...
But she is such an everyday angel & I love painting her in all the sizes she has been arranged in..

The Jolly chaps ...
I love...!
They are so expressing such expectation for where they will be living once they go from the safety of the paint trays....
they do travel ....
to Moscow 
to America,
 just down the road Bendigo..
off to Spain....
and France 
& the UK 
over to New Zealand
and so it goes,

All bunched up 
Santa holds his tree high 
while the angels
form some orderly pattern ready to fly
to another's heart..
I have just wondered, once they reach the destination 
I post them to..
where do they go to next ????
stores or into a person's mail box 
where they perhaps make a gift for a friend...
maybe they are posted again....
Some go to fairs & exhibitions around the world
I personally don't fly but my work certainly takes me around the world.... 
Isn't it a wonderful thought

One drawing on maybe a hot summer's day ..
takes a most amazing journey

These are a batch of December 25th santa buttons 

 Is this all I ask myself  ????
I guess so...
But I have more to paint now the posting to reach overseas is becoming critical

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