Monday, December 14, 2015

Patch Angel

I love it as I wind down for a holiday...
I finished the painting orders 
one was the big everyday angel decoration
I thought 
Oh a couple in the box ...!
I will try a pastel patch one.
I like it...
So will put her on the blog.
This one has facial features !!!!

I better go see what I have left as this will make a great gift for one of my patchwork friends
I have one other  so will pop it on the website.

Today I am feeling my way...but not really
I downloaded the Version 10 of windows last night
Finally took on the prompt & it was late when I hit the button with a to heck with it attitude
then I was so tired so thought I'll read...
that did not last so long but long enough to click something
at 2.30 am I woke again 
so it was all done & all I wanted to find was turn off symbol
this morning
I turned it on & smoothly...
here we are !!!
Feel quite pleased now I have done this ...
but should have seen the conversations I had leading up to this in my head !!!!