Monday, November 16, 2015


One of my dear Canberra friends gave me this last week & with instructions NOT to OPEN until I had moved...
It found different squeeze spots in the car in the following days wrapped in pink & white paper..
Yesterday after I had arrived back in Bendigo
I finally got to open it 
This would have been bespoke, ie hand made by a Dave or another Dave ....
& the recycled painted bits of wood  & the finish I know so well as these pair made furniture for me once when I lived in Canberra.

I think one Dave goes to the Kingston markets ( ACT ) some Sundays

I arrived in after an early start from Wodonga yesterday.
Had a lovely motel run by family ...not corporation 
this has hospitality
tastefully renovated
well stocked fridge
really good meals for room service dinners
a pool.
just off the freeway coming at edge of Wodonga on Melbourne Road
I have seen the decline in recent years of many motels I stop off at
This & the YarraValley Motel at Lilydale Vic are 2 that are breaking the mould & both are run by owners ...... 

I was met by my lovely neighbours who had opened up the house, supervising the removalists as I swanned in....
How absolutely wonderful.
STRESSLESS REMOVALS I have used a few times & they are Bendigo/ Castlemaine..but they came up to collect me for what was a great price...& so quick to pack up & off it all goes...
No work today though....
got to fossick in boxes for the viatl things like wood stock, bathmat ....