Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Might be working today !

Before I wander off into nice stuff.
I want to say
I have succumbed to a darn cold, sore throat whatever it thinks it is doing.
I thought at first it was some allergy food thing as my throat started burning after dinner Saturday night....
But now I find I was a bit mistaken.
So I am a bit sniffy, annoyed, determined that this is now going off the agenda & most of the moving stress is now gone...
See I feel so much better for sharing that already LOL

More of the Christmas tree with a few other things propped about as I unpacked 

I needed to go into Provincial Decor Living for a new clock
I find these clocks are an anchor  ..

Things that haven't found a home yet but look quite good in this shelving

I went for a wander yesterday in the stores...
I was really going to buy printer ink....
something interesting from the Gluten Free Bakery
So parked near the bakery shop...
and strolled down to the inks via a gift shop
where I found this interesting
useful  christmas tree
I hope hang my wood decorations...
So I need to begin work today..
as I have some people waiting patiently

This is work station Theodora Cleave....