Friday, November 20, 2015

I think it is Friday ?

The days have been moving along so quickly...
I have finished much of what was started 
before I moved...
you know 
I am rather amazed how little one can function with...
How many cups, glasses, plates, pots & pans
is necessary...
It is rather good as I now carry the "essentials" for a big house move in the car
so one just does a demi unpack
the days become more fun...
A box unpacked in time snatches..

A sweet friend called in early in the week 
en route home from the city.

Yesterday was phone fix the line day...
it is always subject to some corrosion around this area.... so it is working.
Painting was moggy the cat, robins of different sorts...some santas 
Clearing the newest Christmas designs 
which will really be there for the next season and a little at this tail end...
I am just a month behind...things go so fast..
I am up early so it is time to make the most of that by starting to do work early....
Thanks Radke, my cold is all but gone..!

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