Sunday, November 22, 2015


Finally painted a couple of things to decorate a bare tree or 2 with last night...
I of course need some time to do more things for me....later LOL

I did take time out yesterday morning to visit one of my favourite spots
I did enjoy a stroll in my special spots 
Saw a movie flyer that looks interesting ....

HARRY & ME has moved to larger premises
the store layout or better than to call it layout...the 
architecture of the store 
is just DIVINE
It is spacious...
It has a mirrored back wall that reflects all the wonderful things in the front of the store..
then there is a beautiful huge arched window that looks out into a structure garden
WOW it is something one wants to take home LOL
On the counter wall floor to ceiling is a set of panels of an old B& W garden photo.
No I didn't take out my camera... even asking if I could would have felt a little rude.
This is special go see !!!!

It does the soul a great amount of good nourishing being there for just a couple of hours..
I called at the nursery to get some small  lavender plants....
on the way home I weave through Maldon..of course !
Stopping off at Much Ado for another soap...I have favourites & the perfume has another way into my soul....that is the best bit of having a keen sense of smell.
I get to wallow in the best exquisite perfumes...
 as well as be totally at screeching point with an odour !!!
I also popped into the newsagent there....always a good stop off or a destination.

Driving in a cool day made me think of the other treat..
Dinner ...roast lamb 
So I nipped into the supermarket for some lamb 
Then I could work some more ....
cook the roast...
Nice time