Friday, November 13, 2015

Dawdling along today

I have the dawdles this morning...
my last day...
the critical pack, toss & clean day
what am I doing...???
Having a real go slow morning...urghhhhhh !!!

 I decided once more I was distracted... to pop in here 
& update your comments & well wishes...
Thank you all !!!

then why stop there...I  decided to drag some collages from file to make a happy post....
It is a dull morning here after really soaking heavy rain around 4.30 am
Yes I woke & have been awake since...
I love the rain on the roof when I am tucked up in bed 
I have cartons full of stuff in the garage 
so I fret maybe water will flow in & before long in my mind I am faced with soaked cardboard 

what would I do ???

Anyway all is ok, except I have the dawdles.
The buttons & little felt things look so cheery in this first collage...

A bit of a mix in this collage with the felt booklet, a felt santa
 & a couple of display boards
Little French rabbit sitting having a dawdle as well no doubt..

Funny mix this collage
pretty things including past times of me !!!
Time to get on with my day