Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Spotted Stockings

 I don't really have the time to be dallying in my blogs...
I have a kind of need to settle some order within myself..
So here I am !
Some of these have been blogged before but it's been a while since I encountered them & leading into Christmas a few quick ideas are always handy.
If you don't have some of my buttons ...well .... do I need to say anymore LOL

With one piece of divine spotted linen the scene can change over & over with a decoration or button reconfiguration 
A couple of the buttons have retired for now but most are in the current range.  
copyright bj Smith2012 

  Winter Snowman decoration & it is also a button

 Bigger Gingerbread Button

Any reindeer !

Christmas Santa Decoration 

 Bunny Love Buttons and any of the rabbits will sit well

 This decoration is now having a spell but one of the new decorations will be perfect

 Big Star  I have these but I don't think they are on the web at moment
 Three Stars

 Stars & Gingerbreads or stars & santas or hearts & santas. or deers etc or snowmen 
 As I was saying star & reindeer
 These hearts are in a stash so will do some if you want to order any
 Stars with birdhouse
 This robin has legs now but will sit inside the wreath...as will other small buttons...
the family cat or dog needs a stocking

The twig tree 

 Tiny tweeny bird & the wreath......

Now I must dashhhhhhhhhhhhhhh