Friday, October 23, 2015

Quick Simple Card Stitcheries
copyright bj Smith

These are plain white cards ....waiting for the magic of stitches to bring them into a new life
Prices at $3.50 includes postage..
So a steal but something i adore doing & they are quick for me...
I would have liked nicer paper ( dearer product then ) but paper is not so easy to get a hold of these days.............ahhhhhhhhh
Anyway once these are traced onto the fabric..... be it a bag, a frame, christmas journal....
stockings.... or take small motifs for tiny tags & stuff
I amy only do a limited amount as I have to repack up very soon...
So while I can lay my hands on them !!!
They are on the web now all 6....
My favourite is the deer & well all of the santas  ..& the thinking of you is very sweet !

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