Wednesday, October 14, 2015

More ideas

copyright bj Smith

See what can be done with a few pieces of felt & some of my Christmas buttons & decorations
snowflakes... little primitive angels,plum puddings, santa with the tree & a white deer...grey 25th December & a winter tree..
Bush trees & star to border a stocking 

Snowmen with the French rabbit ..any of the decorations 
can be simply layered in felt onto a heart or a stocking etc...
add some contrasting stitches...
so simply quick & easy
but so strong and happy 

The plum pudding looks rather lovely on the pale blue, then under this a little bit of red felt & all laid onto a white stocking in this case or a hear etc etc 
The topiary tree with the bird is on a little bag & blends into Christmas time so well too.
I imagine that could be the gift bag to give to a gardening friend with seed packets inside...
The winter snowman is there on a cone ... little gingerbread man is also on a small cone..
What Fun...
It is a pity I have other things that distract me today..
but perhaps I have inspired you to play today...