Thursday, October 15, 2015

it is all Fun

copyright bj smith

I loved this for a few years & it has travelled to many a display thing with me & a couple of buttons have come unstuck in this simple advent calendar
Some tags.. if this neutral colour is not about.. use the manilla ones & spray them with ink or the old tea/coffee spraying technique
Add my buttons.... use double sided tape or of course sew them on LOL
Stamp numbers, Typo usually has a set of interesting stamps at a reasonable price
Some baker's twine
& a canvas painting board & more double sided glue...
This could be a nice shop idea  too..

Tags are always so useful in our world of having a great time very quickly
Hours of stitching can be replaced with quick decorating touches..
Make this a NOEL with a button on each tag...
Merry Christmas...
& so it can go from there.

I just refound these pictures 
As I was ready to go somewhere...
There is the small little banner with the 3 santas on it.
This is such fun... pinking shears fabrics as I layered triangle template some ribbon to sew straight across the 3 triangles sooooooooooo quick & sew or double side glue these on & hang 
That board at the bottom is just a canvas board in that linen fabric which I bought & did this when I lived at the beach several years ago....but it has not dated in my mind anyway LOL
It is those things we keep, fab ribbons & old bits of lace & c
couple with my buttons... what fun again !
This is a different view of the same with My Days In Paris quilt I did as I started the French theme so many years ago now...

And here we are with the French rabbits hanging about for Christmas
Love them ... and I must paint a lot today !
I have had a delight of a girlfriend in Canberra from Melbourne for 2 days & we have spent time together.