Saturday, October 10, 2015


copyright BJ smith 2015

I was floating about this morning..
looking for something to hang these from..

Then a hoop with black felt on it loomed large from inside a cane basket..

What an amazing contrast it has made..
How cool are these going to be... in small hoops...
try different coloured backgrounds 
but I think a few delicate stitches would be perfect...
too many stitches & it would detract from the wood design perhaps....
or lots of stitching tight ... 
not my style
 but I do know some who can pull this off 
it looks fantastic

This is Philippa's encouraging ideas...
Yesterday, we sat on her couch chatting...
it was what would happen when I was living in Canberra before..
we would swap ideas from each other's work...
For these new wood designs,
Philippa ( of Whisker's & Wings designs ) asks

"would I hang these with a nice ribbon, "
"Oh I had not thought of that."..
she adds 
"some gold thread.."
"Of course, great idea "

This is what I have loved being with my friends here, 
each gives me such encouragement !
They know me well enough to know I listen 
make decisions 
but often it sparks another line of creativity. ..& we are all  a buzz

I was in Berrima earlier this week & walk into the 
Little Stirred Jam shop on the icecream entrance side 
& v
there is a herd of Philippa's cloth cows in a canvasy sort of look with the painted black blotches..
Looked great...
I think it is the cow that Philippa designed with black & white cow fabric ...some time has passed since then but this 
cow has good bones
 & breeding....
so make it up....
The Grab bags are on their last stages now...
fabulous value & in many cases I manage to get these into the smaller postage boxes...even better value...!