Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Footprints in the Sand Big Button Story

copyright bj Smith 2010

This is a BIG Button Story...about birds !
I was going through an old sketch book & this happened recently too..
in this case I really liked this layout.
Added some buttons to give it a really soft look...

This is an A4 size... 
just comes with the design
the 6 buttons 
postage for $25

This design can be used also in parts each bird & the nest has it's own story...
You could start by using the centre piece as a quilt..then add these birds as separate little stitchings to compliment the quilt....
Or make a journal cover, needlecase coves & so the story goes on...

See it on the www.theodoracleave.com in stitchings area.

I found a few other page layouts in this sketchbook also...santas may be on their way too.