Friday, October 9, 2015

A Fine Start to the Morning

These are looking very cute....
gingerbreads, big dear buttons & couple of santas...
ready to fly out to another country very soon...

Now why I headed this A FINE START to THE MORNING
A power point, the only one in the kitchen in the townhouse I have recently moved into 
This happened when I moved had a set up in the dining area to boil the jug & toast my toast.
The landlord popped in that first week & I mentioned it....guess what no hot power point or burning..
This continued until this morning..
I could smell that smell & sure enough the double power point was HOT to touch 
I freak.... it is not a good look !
So now apart from possible danger of fire I need to set up my mini portable kitchen again... & let the landlord know for some attention immediately..

There is always something to distract one !!!  LOL