Wednesday, September 2, 2015

You would think I have nothing much to do

Well here are my angels in largess form......these are Cleave Angel, Theodora Angel & primitive angel that I used for a booth at a show & later Marie-Claude in France purchased some for the St Aux Mines show...this was some years ago as I was living in Cohuna time before last so 5 years old maybe...
I might do some for this Christmas...???
 You'd think I had a day stretched before me with NOTHING to DO...
However this is my down time before I start the last boxes to pack.
This would have been a 5 or 6 years ago design lot too
I love doing this sort of decorating
From the Book
 Bless Them Stitchers  
First stitched for me by Leanne May in Toowoomba before she began to design her own patterns...
So sometime after 2000 when the book was released.
They are minis & so gorgeous.
Any of my stitcheries can be shrunk & with a fine hand stitched like this size...

I have closed off my orders to do before I move....I have no idea what I thought I was thinking to do this later...
orders can come on the web, as it is open all hours !!!!
I am going to do some days of a 25% off everything sale from now until after I get unpacked...
I will take the 25% off after your order has come through ..
So if you want to get that head start for it now & nothing will be charged until I get the stock up on the shelf... going into boxes today !
If you fancy these angels in large hanging size around that 12 cm size email me .... and they would also be included on the sale for $12