Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Days have gone along

I have had my nose in huge cartons for days now 
& even though I pack lightly..the boxes have seemed to be endless....
Still about 4 to unpack...
Once I do begins the mystery tour of where did I put that ???
Then I reach the stage of being tired of the chaos....
So I turn around & go out for a while !

I have located myself beautifully between 2 shopping complexes..
one is the Belconnen Mall & since I departed 14 years ago, this mall has certainly expanded.
Finding my way is a new experience...
Delighted at having so much in such ease of access.

The weather has been perfect so I  walked a little...too.
Catching up with friends has been lovely too.

Today my new wood designs arrive.... by personal delivery.... this is a first !!!!

BUT I need to find my takes a little while .. a few days ....

1 comment:

Martina said...

Dear Barb, so glad to read, that you moved to your new place. I wish you peace and comfort and fun and strength for the chaotic time in the beginning. And lots of lovely things to discover around you which are still hidden.
Warm hugs, Martina