Friday, September 4, 2015

I really am disappointed

I want to show you something 
& in particular 
the person who downloaded these images from my website on an USA server.

When I ask for not copying my work from my blog it is hopefully respected...
I ask because this is what happens .
I can read my stats
If you wish to order you can go to my website & do that...
If you wish to place it on Pinterest under your banner that is not ok.
Nor is keeping it stockpiled on your computer legal,  for future design ideas... 
I have seen some of the mangled messes of this in the past.

It makes it not much fun for everyone else ... who I wish to share my work with.
They respect my ask & thank you for all the ones who is a real sign of good character


Some images have been removed due to illegal downloading on 4th Sept 2015

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Monique said...

Everything is very very nice!!!!!