Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Trip to Melbourne

 Monday I had some appointments in the city so drive to Melbourne...
mostly in the odd of late LOL.
met some friends 
Stayed at anothers 
ate out for dinner & lunch.
Lots of chatter & catch ups...
I also had a lovely 2 hours in Camberwell, absorbing the new fashions appearing in the stores
wandering in Kikki with all the chill out things I love to do...
They have some magic classes on Vision boards, mindfulness etc...which i plan to do once I have relocated....
On my way home I went to visit Doreen at Stitch'n'Patch in Lilydale
see how her samples of my stitchery  designs were was shaping up.
This is from the 
there are 9 gorgeous stitching designs in this pack for $18 + postage from me or call into the shop in Lilydale & be inspired the samples & fabric & threads& you will find the patterns & bucket loads of my buttons in there..

I just loved  the designed stitched in blue & light mustard... great combination 

I took my samples along to show....
Doreen had done this stitchery of the French Houses series
French Cat in Window
Barb who stitched my sample was given DMC221 thread to work in 
Doreen had a brighter red & on a different fabric texture..
She elaborated the flower stitchings to a buttonhole stitch 
so it gives such a different look to the same design
I love them both 

Rabbit in Le Jardin...
Stitchery from the Along the Garden Path collection of designs

Yes, this rabbit...he had to make a show of himself in amongst Doreen's flowers
He had been to Nicole's in France for my sample stitching & eaten all her lettuces 
Now happy as ???
In brighter colours on a white white linen type thread
Stitch'n'Patch sample

I could not resist taking this photo of the designs featured in my very first book in 199???
Simple Stitchings
Doreen has stitched these in redwork & still has some of the screen printed designs as you see here in her shop.
I did the screen prints some years after the book was sold out.
Fabulous little stitchery to work into many projects....
Tomorrow I have the next French Magazine features to show & tell
Must go move some boxes about...
twirl around  a few times
panic maybe