Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tag Buttons

are on 
on the website under 
aptly called 
 each tag is different 
I may or may not repeat the same lot of buttons again on one tag
But they are looking gorgeous !!!
Great bargains also at $10 & one will post at $1.50 AUD or $2.75 Overseas.
The post will add on if ordering more because of the weight.
I can do them in parcels of single tag...
As some of you may recognise I have retired stock & current stock in the tags..
It all began I painted in that box from last week...
This morning I needed some cheering up & sat looking at these buttons on the trays...
Soon I was happily taping the stories onto these tags
Cheered me up a lot  !!!
These ones do come exactly on the tags  so my added drawing here & there will be on that as you see them...each is numbered ...
( how I keep track of them LOL )


simplestitches said...

Barb love these button tags, so pretty!

Mãos e manias said...

This tags are so great!!!