Thursday, August 6, 2015

Spoilt !

Absolutely spoilt & thrilled as in the post when I arrived home the other day was a parcel from Val.
Val stitched 2 of the stitcheries in the French House series & Along the Garden Path
This is one of my early designs as I ventured into my love of French things....
I recall I was living in Cohuna then trying to articulate my sense of what French meant to me in a style......
I did a French Frolic lady in applique small quilt around this time also & then did my ladies in 
A Day in Paris stitched & then later some heads in the wood brooches & buttons..
Had quite an affair with France...
I always see the overall picture first & I did note the stitchery was worked in variegated threads.... how lovely it is..
Then as I had the camera focused on the work I noted how divine the flowers on the window sill were...
I also realised these are part of what I do in painting as well as stitching designs.
Val has done a most magic stitching with the flowers 
I have personally thanked Val but I thank her again by sharing this with us all !!!!

This is what I say in my latest rounds of illustrations for stitching....
Use the whole design layout, but also pick out small pieces for smaller projects 
for adding to that quilt you are thinking about... 
the main feature is the entire design & then pick as in this case the window frame & flowers ... 
the bird parked up on some pole with a nest 
repeat  a few of these as smaller motifs for the quilt.... these also can contribute to borders...
It is using the designs to their fullest....

It is not redesigning to own it though...the copyright holds those images.
In these cases of wanting to use designs from any designer & that includes fabric motifs & scrapbook & stamps etc to make your own patterns
you need to apply usually for a licencing agreement to use the designs in your designs.. 
These agreements are of set years & often set uses..

But it is not applying to being creative, making things from the designs for yourself, gifts & for small non commercial activities with always who ever that designer is there is an acknowledgement of the designer  as it contributes to the work for each of us.