Monday, August 3, 2015

Santas.. limited stock

copyright Barbara Smith
Yesterday as I was doing angels stock for the specials...
I was distracted in the box of "retired" stock...
In the box that seems to follow me about I found lots of SANTAs....
Form maybe 2 Christmas' ago now since I have had them in the collection.
I might bring a couple back...
Any how ...for the moment I have painted up the santas & put them on the website..
Some available are only one

 Ho Ho HO Button
 T'is The Season Santa decoration Large
below  2 small ones 
T'is The Season Santa
The large one I think from memory Marg Low Designs used that in one of her Christmas decorations a few years back... 

This one is a postage stamp look about 6cm
Very sweet
 Santa & Snowman in oval was popular but a trick to paint in bulk orders... there is a tiny gap of red beside the snowman which is extremely tight to paint...
What I would call a poor design for painting LOL
But rather gorgeous & this is the only one.

I have some more to add, not many & some tiny tiny bags of flowers which are so cute & will probably be sold as one set of 5
Some 7cm Theodora Angels which I painted in aqua, red, white & mustard 
They are rather fun.
I looked at Warp & Weft's blog update today & see French General are doing a workshop with another had a quick look & I found Mary Engelbreit
she has a 
I love her magazine Home Companion which is not published now ....